Mount St. Mary Faculty Reinstated / Update: Faculty Ask President To Resign By Monday

This afternoon Mount St. Mary’s University announced that its president, Simon Newman, had agreed to reinstate Thane Naberhaus and Edward Egan, the two faculty members who were fired for “disloyalty” earlier this week, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education CHE also reports on Naberhaus’s response:

But one of those faculty members—Thane M. Naberhaus, a tenured associate professor of philosophy—said he would not accept the college’s offer. “Hell no,” Mr. Naberhaus said in response to an email asking if he would agree to the reinstatement. “Not going back until he’s gone,” he said, referring to the university’s embattled president, Simon P. Newman.

Despite the offer of reinstatement, Egan and Naberhaus still need assistance with legal fees, as a lawsuit against the university may still be warranted.

Further, ethical and legal questions remain regarding Newman’s plan to secretly use student survey results to cull the student population.

I’ll update the post with more news as it becomes available.

UPDATE: From The Washington Post:

In an 87-to-3 vote, the faculty in a letter asked Newman to step down by Monday morning. The faculty stopped short of a no-confidence vote, something that had been discussed during the week, choosing to ask for resignation instead.

The brief letter, in part, reads:

You have only been with us a short time. We know all too well the great love for this communitythat comes to those who join us. But it has become apparent that negative public attention hasinterfered with our ability to continue in our work and to bring new students and faculty to thiscampus. We have come to the sad conclusion that this state of affairs cannot be resolved whileyou continue in your current office. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart, in a loving spirit ofcompassion and forgiveness, that we appeal to your generosity of spirit and ask that you resignyour position for the good of our community by 9:00 AM on February 15, 2016.

(via James Higgins in the comments)


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