Fund Legal Help for Fired Professors

A GoFundMe site has been created to collect donations for Thane Naberhaus and Edward Egan, the two professors recently fired from Mount Saint Mary’s University by the university’s president, Simon Newman. The story has been summed up well by a fellow philosopher’s comment about Newman: “He wanted to use a fraudulent mental health survey to target students for elimination so as to game federal retention statistics, and he fired people for objecting.” For more details, see previous coverage here and here.

From the page: “Contributions to this fund will be used to cover any legal fees incurred in helping Ed and Thane win back their jobs. Any contributions that are not needed for this purpose will be donated to Bottom Line, Inc., a charity devoted to helping disadvantaged college students get in to college, graduate, and go far in life.”

You can make a donation here.

(via Angela Schwenkler)

Thane Ed

Also, you can watch an interview on CBS news with Professor Egan.

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Jennifer Frey
8 years ago

If we act in solidarity with these professors, it will show administrators everywhere that faculty will not stand for the erosion of shared governance–we will fight back as a collective! If everyone who signed that petition gives just $25, this funding campaign will meet its goal. Please consider donating! This isn’t just about the liberal arts and Catholicism–this is about professors standing up to an out of control Board and administration that wants to treat students like sources of revenue and professors like disposable employees. That model is bad for students, bad for professors, and it will be the death of the liberal arts.