Comments Changeover This Weekend

As the new commenting system (described here) is put into place this weekend, piece by piece, the commenting on Daily Nous may be a bit buggy. This may mean some comments getting lost, some going right through on the new system without my moderation, and some being queued for moderation as on the old system. Please bear with us.

The ‘reply’ function and comment ‘liking’ will return. (However, there is a chance we may not be able to recover old comment ‘likes’. We’ll see.)

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Derek Bowman
Derek Bowman
8 years ago

FYI, I find that I’m unable to login via WordPress. I’ve tried different computers and different browsers (Firefox, IE, and Chrome) with no luck. The popup appears, I successfully login to my WordPress account and click the “Allow” button, but I am still not logged in.