Columbia Philosophy Outreach Program Wins Award for Excellence & Innovation (updated)

Rethink: A Philosophy Community Outreach Program at Columbia University, has been awarded the 2015 APA/PDC Prize for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs. The aim of the prize, which has been jointly sponsored by the American Philosophical Association and the Philosophy Documentation Center since 1999, is “to recognize philosophy departments, research centers, institutes, societies, publishers, or other organizations for creating programs that risk undertaking new initiatives in philosophy and do so with excellence and success, and to publicize the success of these programs so they may inspire and influence others to follow their lead.” More information, including previous winners, can be found here.

UPDATE (12/4/15): You can read an interesting interview with Max Hayward, philosophy PhD student at Columbia and one of the founders of Rethink, here.

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Max Hayward
Max Hayward
8 years ago

One of our aims at Rethink has been to create a model for facilitating philosophical discussions that can be implemented in a variety of contexts. If you’re interested in our work, or in starting a similar program of your own, please contact the founders of Rethink or the current organisers:
Max Hayward: [email protected]
Robbie Kubala: [email protected]
John Fantuzzo: [email protected]
Adam Blazej: [email protected]
Ignacio Ojea: [email protected]
We are more than happy to offer advice, or share discussion and teaching materials, or simply discuss our experience of discussing philosophy with groups outside of a traditional academic context: court-involved and formerly-incarcerated youth, victims of domestic violence and sex trafficking, and the children of victims of domestic violence.

Jon Lawhead
Reply to  Max Hayward
8 years ago

Max, I just came across this article today and wanted to congratulate you and say how delighted I am to see what you and everyone else have done with the outreach program. I’m very, very happy that it continued to grow and evolve after all of us who started it moved on, and that you’ve been able to make it such a huge success. Thank you for doing such great work, and congratulations again on the award!