Pre-Grad School Logic Preparation

An undergraduate who is interested in pursuing graduate studies in philosophy writes in seeking advice about making up for deficits in his logic background:

I’m a student at a small liberal arts college. I have a double major in Philosophy and Literature. My school’s Philosophy program is very good at what it does, but it is limited. Among other things, there are no logic courses offered. My question is, how do I prepare to apply for graduate school with these limitations? Are there good ways to make up for this gap (logic courses outside of the college, a terminal MA)?

Part of my anxiety over this issue is that I’m not sure how prepared I will be going into graduate school, or how much a graduate school will do to accommodate the holes in my education.

Additionally, it would be useful to hear from people on recent graduate admissions committees about what they would think about a student who had not taken any logic courses, and also what they would think of the various ways of making up for that (e.g., a logic summer school).


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