Philosophers Doing “Ask Me Anythings” on Reddit

Philosophers Doing “Ask Me Anythings” on Reddit

The folks at Wi-Phi are interested in doing more to bring together philosophers and the public, and one avenue they’re tentatively pursuing is having philosophers take part in “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions on Reddit (you may recall the AMA that Peter Singer did a few months back).

The first one is tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11am Eastern time and will be with Chris Surprenant (University of New Orleans). He has done a few Wi-Phi videos on different philosophers’ views of the good life. You’ll be able to find the session tomorrow at the AMA page at Reddit or the Philosophy Subreddit. Philosophers and non-philosophers alike are encouraged to take part.

Gaurav Vazirani of Wi-Phi, who arranged this event, is interested in learning what philosophers think of the idea, as well as soliciting suggestions and volunteers for future sessions (you needn’t have an association with Wi-Phi). Please share your thoughts in the comments, and if you’d like to do an AMA, write to Gaurav at Wi-Phi.

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