TAs at York and Toronto Strike

Approximately 6000 teaching assistants (TAs) at the University of Toronto are currently on strike, and around 3700 TAs and adjuncts at York University, also in Toronto, just last night voted to go on strike. The main concerns appear to be pay and job stability for the adjuncts. An article in The Star has more details. The Canadian Union of Public Employees is representing the TAs and adjuncts, and further news is available on their site and on their “Bargaining News” page.

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9 years ago

That might be right about York, but at U of T, the big issues are the minimum guaranteed funding package (made up of a mix of TA work and fellowships), which is 7000$ below the poverty line for Ontario and hasn’t increased in 7 years, and tuition fees for student’s who do not finish their PhD within the 4 or 5 years in which they have funding. Student’s past their funding are stuck not only losing fellowships and with no guarantee of obtaining a TAship, but also paying 8000$ (or much more for international students) in tuition while trying to finish their dissertation.