Stock a High School Library with Philosophy Books

Stock a High School Library with Philosophy Books

Which philosophy books would you recommend for a high school library? That is the question currently being asked by Hallie Liberto (Connecticut), on behalf of her mom:

My mom is currently choosing books for the philosophy section of the high school library at the Overseas School of Colombo. She wants some recommendations—books that would be particularly good for 14-18 year old teens who have not taken (and are not taking) any courses in philosophy. Even though they do not have a philosophy course at the school, the IB students often have independent projects, and such books might be used for such projects. What books would you recommend?

Many students come to college wholly ignorant of philosophy; I applaud this effort to provide them the tools with which to get better acquainted. Let’s help out with some good suggestions.

(art: glass-filled books by Ramon Todo)


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