T-Shirt Update and Charity Poll (updated)

The first ever Daily Nous t-shirt sale is over. An elite group of 38 people with apparently really good taste were lucky enough to secure their shirts during the limited sale period, raising $190 for charity. While the shirts are being made, we have a decision to make: which charity? I’ve selected a few of the suggestions from the previous thread for us to choose among: the Southern Center for Human Rights (which has 4 star rating from Charity Navigator), Project Healthy Children (recommended by The Life You Can Save), Against Malaria Foundation (a top recommendation from GiveWell), and Give Directly (another GiveWell recommendation). I encourage everyone to check out these worthy organizations, consider donating on your own, and of course, voting in the poll below (you needn’t have purchased a shirt to vote).

I will keep the poll open for a few days.

UPDATE (12/31/14): Against Malaria Foundation won by a small margin in the poll, and a donation of $200 was made using the proceeds from the sales of the shirts, enough to purchase and place 67 mosquito nets:

Against Malaria 2.

Those who ordered shirts may have noticed that they have not yet arrived. Sorry about that. There were some hiccups in the production process (mainly owing to my inexperience); they are being made now and should ship at the end of next week, I am told.

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