T-Shirt Charity Fundraiser!

T-Shirt Charity Fundraiser!

Available to order now through Friday: the first (and possibly last) Daily Nous t-shirt! It’s a black shirt, all-cotton, that features a design with a quote from Socrates — one that captures the heart of the philosophical disposition — along with some of the surrounding text. I am selling it to raise funds for a charitable cause. No, the charitable cause is not to supply me with pre-phylloxera claret and plover’s eggs. The cause will be determined by you all in a cage style death match discussion in the comments. More on that below. You can check out the shirt in more detail and order it  here.

If my calculations are correct, I have priced the shirt so that about $5.00 of what you pay will go to the charitable cause (the “about” is because the unisex shirts cost a few cents less than the women’s cut ones to make, but I didn’t want to bother with different pricing). The rest of the money goes to the company that is making the shirt and handling the shipping, Paypal fees, and local sales tax—no money is going to me—for a total of $19.80. That price includes shipping on domestic orders (shipping to destinations outside the U.S. is extra).

The shirts are high quality, and the printer, Threadbird, is reputed to put out a much better printed shirt than the kinds you see offered from places like Cafe Press and Zazzle. This is my first time doing a shirt order along these lines. I have timed it so that there’s a good chance the shirts will arrive by Christmas, but I cannot guarantee that, as there may be some bumps in the road for this novice. The initial batch of shirts will be available to purchase starting now and continuing through Friday, at which point I’ll submit the whole order to Threadbird and they’ll make and ship out the shirts. I’ll also make an accounting post here that will include how many shirts were sold and how much money was raised, and then, later, a confirmation from the recipient that the funds were, in fact, delivered.

After the initial order, if it is successful, I may keep the shirt for sale, but why chance it? Best to order now.

So, decision-time, people. First, order a shirt! Second, where should the raised funds go? I am inclined to select Oxfam but can also see the value of contributing to a more philosophically-oriented organization, too. Or perhaps there is a more creative charitable way to put the funds to use? Once some suggestions are out there, the plan is to put it to a poll, so please let me know what you think.


Daily Nous t-shirt threadbird mock-up unisex


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