2014 Philosophical Gourmet Report Released

The 2014 edition of the Philosophical Gourmet Report (PGR) has been released. The PGR is a reputational survey of a selection of PhD-granting philosophy departments based on questionnaires completed by around 230 philosophers. The release of the PGR was slightly delayed this time around, owing to considerable controversy about its editor-in-chief, Brian Leiter, its methodology, and, reportedly, its silly name. New this year are visualizations of the data by Kieran Healy (Duke), which he explains here.

UPDATE: A reader points out that not all of the content on the PGR has been updated, including the list of evaluators, which currently contains the names of people who have confirmed that they did not participate in this year’s survey. According to a note at Leiter Reports, only the rankings at the PGR have been updated on the site; “other updated content will be added over the next month or so.”

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