Philosophy on Homelessness

The University of Oregon Department of Philosophy has “Community Philosophy Institutes” on various topics, and one of its current projects is “Homelessness and Home.” Organized by Professor Naomi Zack, who is also teaching a course on the subject, Homelessness and Home aims to “support creative, intellectual, and practical address of the problems of homelessness. The UO Community Philosophy Institute seeks to consider contemporary homelessness in our own community of Eugene, Oregon, and beyond. We want to correct ignorance and confront denial about homeless people by recognizing their human dignity through academic study, art, video, photography, the exploration of effective civic and political programs, course content, and informational, philosophical, and roundtable discussion events.” Zack adds that some of the events will concern “what would be nice for the university to do and what kind of obligations does it have, if any.”

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