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I am pleased to introduce a new feature here at Daily Nous: Philosophy Tag. Here’s how it works: Philosopher 1 is tagged and becomes it. When you’re it, you have two weeks to do the following: choose an article by another living philosopher, Philosopher 2, that you’ve read and liked; write up your “tag,” including bibliographic information and a description of what the article says and why you like it (keep it brief, like 2-4 sentences), and send that to me. When I publish it here, Philosopher 2 is thereby tagged and becomes it, and the game begins again. (I will refrain from contacting the newly tagged for a while, but if you know the person who has been tagged, feel free to let them know.)

A big thank you to Dana Howard (Ohio State) for contributing this bit of fun. Since it was her idea, Professor Howard got to be our first it. Below is her inaugural tag.


In “Resistance and Well-Being” (The Journal of Political Philosophy: Volume 21, 4, 2013, pp. 405-425), Daniel Silvermint explores the difficult question of whether being a victim of oppression can make any distinctive demands on people. In his account, victims – at least those who are capable of responsible agency – have a moral obligation to resist their own oppression because doing so can be an important component of well-being when living in oppressive circumstances. What makes this paper especially interesting is how carefully it meets the challenge of taking the agency of victims seriously while also taking the agency-constraining circumstances of oppression seriously. Daniel Silvermint, you’re it.

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