Heap of Links

1. View many of Routledge’s philosophy books for free, through the end of June.
2. Robert Talisse (Vanderbilt) on Tom Burke (South Carolina) on untangling pragmatism.
3. The Singlestate Fallacy: “the erroneous assumption that our ordinary, default mindbody program (aka ‘state of consciousness’) contains all… thinking skills of use to philosophers.”
4. “He’s the chair of my dissertation committee,” I explained. “Not my uterus.”
5. “I shall now appeal to authority by quoting a philosopher who agrees with my premise, thereby wrapping my argument in the wisdom of the ages.” How to argue: a sadly accurate description.
6. The correspondence between Brian Medlin and Iris Murdoch has been published as Never Mind about the Bourgeoisie. Here’s one review.
7. The Limits of Logic — Simon Blackburn, Iain McGilchrist, and Beatrix Campbell at How The Light Gets In.
8. Philosophy PhD starts kids’ clothing company to combat gender stereotypes (via Feminist Philosophers).
9. “Why No One Understands My Genius” and other totally amazing philosophical works by Bryan Frances (Fordham). Do not neglect the descriptions of his current research interests.
10. Ruth Chang on how to make hard choices.
11. Kwame Anthony Appiah on religion.
12. The first issue of Filocracia: An Online Journal of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies is out.
13. A Facebook discussion group for issues related to philosophy and science.

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Matt McAdam
Matt McAdam
9 years ago

“Personally for me, I’d feel [more] respect for a contemporary philosopher who knows about mindbody [sic] states from personal experiences than [for] one who doesn’t.”

Amen, brother. Amen.