World’s Largest Philosophy and Music Festival

I don’t know what the other competitors for this title are, but apparently the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, How The Light Gets In, will be taking place from May 22nd to June 1st in Hay-on-Wye in Wales. It is indeed a big event. Philosophers on the roster include Simon Blackburn, Nancy CartwrightJohn Harris, John HeilAngie Hobbs, Ted Honderich, Jennifer Hornsby, James LadymanMary Midgely, Thomas Pogge, Huw PriceMark RowlandsBarry C. Smith, among many others. You can scan through the vast listing of events here.

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10 years ago

Thanks for the info. Didn’t know about this one.

7 years ago

I was in Hay on Wye (coincidentally, my parents have a house there where we were staying for the late May BH weekend) and went to couple of days of this (it continues until next weekend)

It was great: interesting philosophy, for sure; small enough that you can actually talk to the various people informally too; + (clearly not guaranteed in future years) beautiful weather and sitting out by the river drinking beer and listening to music, rides for the kids, etc.

Seriously recommend