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Last week we introduced Philosophy Tag, with Dana Howard (Ohio State) tagging Daniel Silvermint (Connecticut) for his piece, “Resistance and Well-Being.” That made Silvermint it. Let’s see who he tags:

“Oppression can make us angry, and perhaps even ought to.  When defending anger, many will claim that it has instrumental value: for example, helping victims maintain their self-respect and motivating social change.  In “Anger, Virtue, and Oppression” (Feminist Ethics and Social and Political Philosophy: Theorizing the Non-Ideal, ed. Lisa Tessman, Springer 2009, pp. 165-183), Macalester Bell (Michigan) goes further.  She argues that acting from appropriate anger is a form of excellence in being against injustice.  It’s virtuous not because it helps us flourish, but because anger does the best job of fitting the wrong and expressing the victim’s integrity, respect for the object of her anger, and commitment to the moral standards in question.  One reason I like this chapter is its attention both to the different kinds of anger and to the specific circumstances in which they should arise.” Macalester Bell, you’re it.

(See the first Philosophy Tag post for how it works.)

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