Yale Seeks Information About Sexual Misconduct

Jason Stanley (Yale) writes:

I just met with Professor Stephanie Spangler, Yale’s Deputy Provost for Health Affairs and Academic Integrity and also the University’s Title IX Coordinator. She is responsible for oversight of the University’s policies and programs to address and prevent gender-based discrimination and sexual misconduct (which are summarized at http://smr.yale.edu). I met with her about recent social media reports containing allegations that appear to implicate a Yale professor, Thomas Pogge. Anyone with information that may be relevant to violation of university policy, i.e. that involves his professional behavior towards other philosophers in his status as a Yale Professor, even students in his areas at other universities, is encouraged to contact Deputy Provost Spangler at her personal email, [email protected] All comments will be kept in absolute strictest confidence.


UPDATE: As Kate Norlock notes in the comments, and as Feminist Philosophers suggests, one should probably consult a lawyer of one’s own before speaking to Dr. Spangler or others who may be involved in the relevant legal action.

UPDATE 2: Heidi Howkins Lockwood adds: “Complainants should not to try to speak with Yale alone. I met with Stephanie Spangler last week — and of course brought an advocate with me, even though I’m not a victim, because I wanted a witness to everything I said. To say the situation is volatile is an understatement. Provost Spangler has the names of complainants who are willing to come forward — but only if Yale agrees to provide anonymity and indemnity, which so far they have not offered. The complainants are communicating with each other and sharing advice. I’d encourage any potential complainant to get in touch with either myself or Kate Norlock so that we can put them in touch with either the network, or the attorneys (who are already working on the case and can simply replicate the existing agreement).”

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