Philosophy How-Tos

After yesterday’s heap of links included an unusual Wikihow article, it was brought to my attention that the Wikihow site is home to a number of illustrated articles that are more relevant to philosophy, if no less ridiculous. They include: How to Become a Philosopher (“Think about the world, what it means to live, to die, to exist, and what the point of it is“); How to Become an Academic Philosopher (Shake lots of hands!”); How to Become a Western Philosophy Guru (1. Read Descartes, 2. Read Russell and Durant, 3. “It is hard to find an idea in philosophy that is not traceable back to Plato. As such, you do yourself a disservice to not start your readings with the father of philosophy”); How to Learn the Philosophy of a Genius (“The key is to have many ideas all the time. Once you decide what idea you are going to devote your energies to, stop thinking of more”); How to See Things as a Philosopher (“Don’t let the laws of the universe get in your way”); How to Get a Doctorate in Philosophy (“13. Complete your dissertation during the final years of graduate school”); and How to Write a Philosophy Paper (actually this one isn’t all that bad, though it is unclear why it is accompanied by a photo of a woman feeding the birds).

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