Heap of Links

1. Elizabeth Anderson discusses the history and varieties of egalitarianism at libertarianism.org.
2. “On Being Annoyed” by Tom Roberts (Exeter). A friend asks: the next “On Bullshit”?
3. I’m not sure how helpful it is to ask “What if Plato was an employee benefits professional?” though I do like Dilbert on this idea.
4. A “lost” video interview of Foucault on themes from his Madness and Civilization.
5. Jonathan Iwry and Micah Kaats (two of Adrienne Martin’s students at U. Penn) rapping about responsibility and emotions.
6. Patrick Lin (Cal Poly) in Wired on the moral problems with driverless cars (via Alexandra King).
7. Video of the sex lives of philosophers. Not that kind of video, perv. It’s a lecture.
8. 8-Bit Philosophy (previously) on Nietzsche and scientism.
9. Can coffee make you more ethical?
10. Panayiota Vassilopoulou (Liverpool) will be exploring “mutual ways in which philosophical reflection and art can transform us” as the first “philosopher-in-residence” at the Bluecoat arts center.
11. National Geographic asked Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to name “Africa’s Greatest Innovators in Arts and Sciences” and Kwame Anthony Appiah made the list.
12. “How To Stop a Wedding.” It’s not philosophy, but it kind of reads like applied just war theory. Includes helpful illustrations.
13. Which came first, the universe or the math? (Bonus Mother’s Day link)

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