Tim Crane Talks Metaphysics

It used to be that a trip to the bookstore in search of a volume on metaphysics would bring you face to face with titles about spirits, crystals, energy, and the like. But now things are much better. I mean, you’ll still get howlers like this or this or even this when you search for metaphysics at a place like Amazon, but generally the selection is good and there is a fair amount of advice out there. In an interview over at Five Books, Tim Crane (Cambridge) reveals the five books he would recommend to someone interested in metaphysics and answers questions about them and assorted issues in metaphysics and philosophy. “Metaphysics is supposed to tell you what it is for something to change,” Crane offers as an example.

Q: How could you possibly discover anything like that?

A: That’s a good question



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10 years ago

Good interview. Nice to see metaphysics getting a fair deal.