Pandemic Effects on Conference & Event Planning for 2021 & Beyond

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused many upcoming academic events to be cancelled and many to be moved online. How is it affecting the planning of events scheduled a bit farther out, say, for next year?

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One reader asks:

I’d be interested to know how people are planning conferences for 2021… I’m presuming any conference will have to develop contingency plans of some sort in case another “wave” hits.  

Have any 2021 academic events yet been cancelled because of the pandemic? Have people decided to not plan in-person events for 2021 owing to the uncertainty of how long travel restrictions and other forms of “social distancing” remain in place? Are people trying to plan events in such a way that they can more easily be moved online should the need arise? How? Are people who are planning in-person conferences taking advantage of the pandemic to negotiate more favorable rates and more liberal cancellation terms with hotels and event spaces?

Relatedly, do you think the pandemic will have a lasting impact on your inclination to travel for conferences or talks?


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