The Job Market: Shifts in the Schedule?

With the increased use of video calls in place of first-round conference interviews, as well as the inauguration of the January scheduling of the Eastern Division meeting of the American Philosophical Association, some philosophers on the market are curious about how this has been affecting the timing of the process. We discussed some aspects of this back in August, but now that we are in the thick of it, it would be helpful to have an update.

In the past, most (but not all) schools interviewing at the APA had by now contacted their selected candidates. Has the move to a later APA meeting delayed the process? Have some schools not yet selected or contacted candidates for first-round interviews? Or have schools interviewed via video earlier? Or…?

The job wiki is not especially helpful in figuring this out (at least without comparisons to previous years), and its accuracy is questionable. The information isn’t vetted. Further, I know that some departments explicitly ask candidates not to share on the wiki that they’ve been selected for an interview or camps visit. (Why?)

In short, if things have changed, let us know how.

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