APA Election Results

The American Philosophical Association (APA) announced the results of its recent election last week.

The newly elected are:

Board of Officers

Krista K. Thomason (Swarthmore College)

Central Division

Vice President 
Harry Brighouse (University of Wisconsin–Madison)

Representative to the Board of Officers
Helga Varden (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Executive Committee Member-at-Large 
Mi-Kyoung (Mitzi) Lee (University of Colorado Boulder)

Nominating Committee Members 
Serving one-year terms, 2024–2025
Georgi Gardiner (University of Tennessee/Tulane University)
Robbie Kubala (University of Texas at Austin)
Sarah Raskoff (Vanderbilt University)
Anat Schechtman (University of Texas at Austin)

Eastern Division

Vice President 
Susan J. Brison (Dartmouth College)

Executive Committee Members-at-Large 
Rachana Kamtekar (Cornell University)
Sharon Street (New York University)

Nominating Committee Members
Serving two-year terms, 2024–2026
Adam Cureton (University of Tennessee)
Carol Hay (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Pacific Division

Vice President
John Carriero (University of California, Los Angeles)

Serving a three-term beginning July 1, 2025
Alexander Sager (Portland State University)

Executive Committee Member-at-Large
Adrienne Martin (Claremont McKenna College)

Graduate Student Council

Serving two-year terms, 2024–2026
Cynthia Gonzalez (Saint Louis University)
Giannis Vassilopoulos (Georgia State University)

You can learn more about APA governance and organizational structure here.

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