Wonderly from San Diego to Hopkins

Monique Wonderly, currently associate professor of philosophy at the University of California, San Diego, has accepted an offer from Johns Hopkins University, where she will be Miller Associate Professor of Philosophy.

Professor Wonderly works in theoretical and applied ethics (including bioethics), moral psychology, and the philosophy of emotion. You can learn more about her research and writing here and here.

She has been a visiting professor at Hopkins over the past year and takes up her new position as associate professor in the fall.

(via Steven Gross)

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Fritz Allhoff
Fritz Allhoff
12 days ago

Congrats, Monique! We’re so lucky to have had you at WMU for your M.A. and so happy for your success. <3

John Fischer
John Fischer
12 days ago

Congratulations, Monique!
We at UCR are very proud of you, and I’m honored by the fact that I was on your PhD dissertation committee.
We will miss you in California (what kind of attachment personality does that show?).