Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…

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  1. Moral Epistemology by Richmond Campbell.
  2. Medieval Theories of Relations by Jeffrey Brower.
  3. Walter Burley by Alessandro Conti.
  4. Dialetheism by Graham Priest, Francesco Berto, and Zach Weber.
  5. Richard FitzRalph by Michael W. Dunne.
  6. Edith Stein by Thomas Szanto and Dermot Moran.
  7. The Incommensurability of Scientific Theories by Eric Oberheim and Paul Hoyningen-Huene.
  8. Vienna Circle by Thomas Uebel.
  9. Miracles by Timothy McGrew and Robert Larmer.
  10. Substance by Howard Robinson and Ralph Weir.
  11. Darwinism by James Lennox and Charles H. Pence.



1000-Word Philosophy       

Project Vox            

BJPS Short Reads       

  1. Drawing the Line: Rethinking Mental Health and Pathology Through Epigenetics by Davide Serpico and Valentina Petrolini.

Open-Access Book Reviews in Academic Philosophy Journals    

  1. Perception and Reality in Kant, Husserl and McDowell by Corjin van Mazijk is reviewed by Menno Lievers in History of Philosophy and Legal Analysis.
  2. Optimality Justifications: New Foundations for Epistemology by Gerhard Schurz is reviewed by Richard Pettigrew at The British Society for the Philosophy of Science.

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media    

  1. Limitarianism: The Case Against Extreme Wealth by Ingrid Robeyns is reviewed by Allen Lane at Nature.
  2. Free and Equal: What Would a Fair Society Look Like? by Daniel Chandler is reviewed by Jennifer Szalai at The New York Times.
  3. Catastrophe Ethics: How to Be Good in a World Gone Bad by Travis Rieder is reviewed at The Times Literary Supplement.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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