New: an MA Program in Philosophy & Computing

The University of Bayreuth is launching a new interdisciplinary Master’s degree (MA/MSc) in Philosophy & Computer Science.

The program includes philosophy and computer science modules, with all courses taught in English.

Marius Backman, a philosopher at Bayreuth, provided some further information about the program:

Philosophical modules will cover ethical, epistemological and metaphysical questions posed by modern computer-based systems, as well as their social, political and legal implications. In the Computer Science modules, students will learn how modern software is created through both automated learning and algorithmic programming and work on practical applications.

The aim is that graduates of the program will

be able to identify and respond to the key technical, social, ethical, and institutional challenges raised by new developments in information technology, including AI, machine learning, generative systems, recommendations, interaction with agents and assistants, and automated decision-making.

The program is open to students with an undergraduate background in philosophy or computer science or a related field.  It starts in the fall and is currently accepting applications.

You can learn more about the program here.

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M Cummings
M Cummings
19 days ago

Brilliant, exactly the uses we should be making of our best minds to engage w profound contemporary problems!

David Wallace
David Wallace
19 days ago

Oxford also has a program like this (started around 2010 iirc).