Philosophers Among New Class of AAAS Fellows

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has announced its new class of fellows, and a couple of philosophers are among them.

Most of the 502 newly named fellows are scientists and engineers, but there are also a small number of researchers in the humanities and social sciences.

The philosophers listed are:

The AAAS fellowships are “a distinguished lifetime honor within the scientific community.” According to the AAAS, “the new Fellows will receive a certificate and a gold and blue rosette pin (representing science and engineering, respectively) to commemorate their election and will be celebrated at a forum on September 21, 2024” in Washington, DC.

The complete list of fellows is here.

(Please let us know if we missed someone who should be included in this post.)


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24 days ago

Patrick Olivelle, Prof at UT Austin on Indian traditions broadly, was a recent fellow…

23 days ago

And Laurie Patton, Vedic scholar, philosopher, President Middlebury College, is the next President of AAAS…