Bergès Wins Global Professorship

Sandrine Bèrges, professor of philosophy at Bilkent University, has been awarded one of eight “Global Professorships” by the British Academy.

The British Academy’s Global Professorships are “large investigator-led awards to attract internationally recognised established scholars to work in the United Kingdom, to undertake new, coherent and cutting-edge research projects.”

For her Global Professorship, from September 2024 through August 2028, Professor Bèrges will be in the Department of Philosophy at the University of York.

Her project is “Finding Diversity in Enlightenment’s Philosophy’s Attitude to Abolitionism”:

This new project aims to bring to light the way in which women, Black individuals and members of dissenting religious sects participated in the intellectual effort of late enlightenment abolitionism. These authors rarely feature in discussions of abolitionist movements of that period, even though some were prominently involved in the movement.

The benefits of an intersectional approach to feminism and anti-racism are well documented now. The abolitionist movements of the 18th century were male and female, Black and white, and had a variety of religious views. It is important to understand the extent to which agents who were not white males made a difference. Philosophical historians of the relevant period have greatly contributed to the erasure of those agents, and research is needed to bring them back in order to provide a more diverse and a more accurate history of this important philosophical moment.

Bèrges is the only philosophy professor among the awardees. Her Global Professorship award is £868,767 (about $1,081,600).

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1 month ago

That’s so great to see that at least sometimes researchers get the support they deserve! I took Sandrine’s course in my MA at Bilkent. She never lets anything prevents her from her research, sees a mission for her research, and at the same time, is super open to other views.