New Virtue Ethics Center at Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame has announced the creation of the Jenkins Center for Virtue Ethics.

According to a press release, the center will

support preeminent scholars whose research advances human flourishing in both moral and spiritual contexts, facilitate the development of undergraduate courses exploring topics such as justice and the common good, and deepen the ethical formation of Notre Dame students and faculty. The center will also play a transformative role in public discussion, drawing citizens into meaningful dialogue informed by virtue ethics. 

The center is named for Rev. John I. Jenkins, the current president of the university, who will be stepping down at the end of the academic year.

According to the university,

the center will be an essential part of the Notre Dame Ethics Initiative, a University-wide effort to establish Notre Dame as a premier global destination for the study of ethics, offering superb training for future generations of ethicists and moral leaders, a platform for engagement of the Catholic moral tradition with other modes of inquiry, and an opportunity to forge insights into some of the most significant ethical issues of our time. Virtue ethics will be a key area of focus for the initiative, as well as technology ethics, business ethics and environmental ethics, among others.

Further details here.


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