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  1. “There’s always something more to learn, which should make even the most accomplished expert humble” — medieval philosophers on intellectual humility
  2. “Poetry leaves something out” yet for analytic philosophers, “the ideal is to leave nothing unsaid” — Kieran Setiya (MIT) on poetry and philosophy. Reminiscent of Williams’ egg.
  3. Why conservatives shouldn’t like Indiana’s new law intended to make state universities more conservative — Tyler Cowen (GMU) on the problems with “intellectual diversity” requirements
  4. “Rather than promoting a uniform stance on academic freedom, we (qua liberals) should welcome institutional diversity, even if it involves the thriving of some illiberal corporate identities” — Eric Schliesser (Amsertdam) on Jacob Levy (McGill) on academic freedom
  5. What happens when you give different LLMs a version of “the mirror test”? — some need a few tries to pass. Claude Opus passes on the first try, and then seems to display a new level of sophistication. (And what happens when Claude meets Claude? — apparently they’ll argue over which is the real Claude. And then become friends. Add scare quotes if you need to.)
  6. “If you’re looking for a way out of the matrix…” — Paul Franks (Yale) on how “Kant’s combination of transcendental idealism and empirical realism harmonizes… with our ordinary experience of the world, and with the enterprise of natural science”
  7. “What makes the Philosopher-in-Residence program unique is that it allows for the kind of relationship building between the philosophers and both the teachers and the administrators but also the students” — University of Pennsylvania philosophy grad students are bringing philosophy to a local high school (via Jesse Hamilton)





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