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If your journal publishes open-access book reviews or short open-access articles, please send in links to them for inclusion in future weekly updates.



  1. Heritability by Stephen M. Downes and Lucas Matthews.


  1. Supererogation by David Heyd.
  2. Social Ontology by Brian Epstein.
  3. Charles Hartshorne by Dan Dombrowski.
  4. Recursive Functions by Walter Dean and Alberto Naibo.
  5. Otto Neurath by Jordi Cat.
  6. Quantum Theory and Mathematical Rigor by Fred Kronz and Tracy Lupher.
  7. Qualia: The Knowledge Argument by Martine Nida-Rümelin and Donnchadh O Conaill.
  8. Disagreement by Bryan Frances and Jonathan Matheson.
  9. Identity and Individuality in Quantum Theory by Steven French and Tomasz Bigaj.
  10. Progress by Agnes Tam and Margaret Meek Lange.
  11. Lucrezia Marinella by Marguerite Deslauriers.
  12. Logic-Based Artificial Intelligence by Richmond Thomason.
  13. Quantum Gravity by Steven Weinstein and Dean Rickles

IEP    ∅


  1. Splitsville USA: A Democratic Argument for Breaking Up the United States by Christopher F. Zurn is reviewed by Peter Stone.

1000-Word Philosophy     ∅

Project Vox     ∅

BJPS Short Reads    ∅

Open-Access Book Reviews in Academic Philosophy Journals

  1. A Plea for Natural Philosophy by Penelope Maddy is reviewed by Michael Liston at The British Society for Philosophy of Science.

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. Spinoza: Freedom’s Messiah by Ian Buruma is reviewed by Marissa Moss at New York Journal of Books.
  2. The Rigor of Angels: Borges, Heisenberg, Kant, and the Ultimate Nature of Reality by William Egginton is reviewed by Meghan O’Gieblyn at The New York Review of Books.
  3. Moral Feelings, Moral Reality, and Moral Progress by Thomas Nagel, and Analytic Philosophy and Human Life by Thomas Nagel are together reviewed by Jessie Munton at The Times Literary Supplement.
  4. Unshrinking: How to Fight Fatphobia by Kate Manne is reviewed by Dil Bar Irshad at Breaking News Network.
  5. Liberty and Equality by Raymond Aron is reviewed by Paul T. Wilford and Ethan Cutler at City Journal.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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Patrick S. O'Donnell
1 month ago

Should anyone be interested in the revised SEP entry on Otto Neurath, you might also want to take a look at the works listed in this compilation: Otto Neurath & Red Vienna: Mutual Philosophical, Scientific and Socialist Fecundity.

Patrick S. O'Donnell
Reply to  Patrick S. O'Donnell
1 month ago

For some reason the above link is not working, so here is the url (which should have been embedded above):