New Journal: Philosophy of AI

Philosophy of AI is a new, peer-reviewed, online, open-access philosophy journal.

The journal is the creation of the Society for the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.

The journal’s editors-in-chief are Guido Löhr (Vrije University Amsterdam) and Vincent C. Müller (Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg).

The editors write:

The journal is dedicated to publishing high-quality contributions to current debates on the philosophical foundations and ethical evaluation of artificial intelligence and is now open for regular submissions.

The journal has long-term financial support from German Research Foundation (DFG), which means that, though it is an open-access journal, it will have no submission or publication fees.

The journal will soon be issuing a call for papers for its first couple of issues.

You can read about why the journal was created here.




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Polaris Koi
1 month ago

Ok, but why did you set it on fire? 😉

Seriously though, congrats to the editors, and looking forward to seeing the first issue.

Paul Kumwenda
Paul Kumwenda
1 month ago

Looking forward to it!

Atadoga John Ugbede
Atadoga John Ugbede
1 month ago

Artificial intelligence really needs some critical evaluation. Kudos

Reinaldo Perez
Reinaldo Perez
1 month ago

Great idea