Learn from Experts How To Bring Philosophy to the Public

Philosophers will have the opportunity to learn from experts in longform writing, op-ed writing, trade books, and podcasting how to communicate their ideas to a broader audience at a summer program offered by the Marc Sanders Foundation.

Philosophers may apply to one of the three “Philosophy in Media” workshops. One will focus on op-ed/short essay and trade books, one on longform magazine writing, and one on podcast production and distribution. Successful applicants will receive free room and board at (and travel to) the castle-like Tarrytown House Estate in New York where the workshops are being held, and receive a $3000 stipend.

According to an announcement from the Marc Sanders Foundation, confirmed workshop leaders include (among others yet to be announced):

  • Joshua Rothman, Ideas Editor at The New Yorker
  • Larissa Macfarquhur, Staff Writer, The New Yorker
  • Latif Nasser, Host, WNYC’s Radiolab
  • Mia Lobel, former head of content at Pushkin Industries and Executive Producer of Revisionist History
  • James Ryerson, Opinion Editor at The New York Times

The Philosophy in Media Fellowship Program is expected to run this summer and the following two, as well. It is funded by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. (A previous version of the program was funded by the John Templeton Foundation; it’s not known to what extent the elimination of the philosophy and theology department at Templeton contributed to the change in funding.)

Barry Lam, professor of philosophy at UC Riverside, host of the popular philosophy podcast Hi-Phi Nation, and associate director of the Marc Sanders Foundation, has shared a video about the program:

You can learn more about it here.


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William D'Alessandro
William D'Alessandro
6 months ago

The last time this fellowship ran, the final cohort for each medium was chosen by lottery. (Understandable given the large number of applicants, but kind of annoying after carefully crafting an application.) Any word on whether that’s the plan this time around too?