Philosophers Among Recent NEH Grant Winners

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) has announced the winners of its latest round of grants.

Several philosophy faculty are among them.

The philosophers and their projects include:

Ashley Atkins (Western Michigan University)
A Philosophical Exploration of Grief Through the Lens of Contemporary Memoir
Research and writing leading to a book about the philosophical insights found in memoirs that explore the personal experience of grief. ($60,000 / Fellowships)

Katalin Balog (Rutgers University)
What is Left of the Mind
Research and writing leading to a book on why philosophy still needs the concept of consciousness against claims to the contrary. ($60,000 / Fellowships)

Shane Duarte (University of Notre Dame)
Francisco Suárez’s Natural Theology: An Edition & Translation of Metaphysical Disputation
Research, editing, and writing leading to a translation of Spanish philosopher and theologian, Francisco Suárez’s (1548–1617) Metaphysical Disputations 30 on arguments for God’s existence from natural reason. ($60,000 / Fellowships)

Colin Koopman (University of Oregon)
Data Equals: Pragmatist Pursuits of Equality in Technology 
Research and writing leading to a book on how current technological structures that collect data create inequalities of political and social outcomes. ($60,000 / Fellowships)

Stephen Ogden (University of Notre Dame)
Avicenna on Intellect    
Research and writing leading to a book on human intellect and the concept of the Active Intellect in the writing of Muslim philosopher Avicenna (Ibn Sīnā, 980–1037). ($60,000 / Fellowships)

Daniel Sutherland (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Immanuel Kant on Human Experience and Its Mathematical Character
Research and writing leading to a book about German philosopher Immanuel Kant’s philosophy of mathematics as grounded in ordinary human experience. ($60,000 / Awards for Faculty)

Kathryn Tabb (Bard College)
Irrationality in the Philosophy of John Locke 
Research and writing leading to a book on how John Locke’s (1634-1704) training as a medical doctor influenced his philosophy and political thought. ($40,000 / Fellowships)

The NEH awarded a total of $33.8 million in grants to 260 projects. Philosopher’s received $400,000 in grants for 7 projects, which is roughly 1% of of the awarded funds and 2.7% of the funded projects.

The full list of awardees can be found here.


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Patrick Lin
5 months ago

Congrats to all the awardees!