Wodak Wins 2023 Sanders Political Philosophy Prize

Daniel Wodak (Penn) is the winner of the 2023 Political Philosophy Prize from the Marc Sanders Foundation.

Professor Wodak won the prize for his paper, “One Person, One Vote.”

Here’s a description of the paper from the prize committee, which is headed by Steven Wall (Arizona) and David Sobel (Syracuse) :

Daniel Wodak’s “One Person, One Vote” powerfully challenges a widely endorsed slogan in democratic societies, arguing that no current account of the one person, one vote requirement can explain why presumptively undemocratic practices, such as plural voting and vote dilution, violate it. A defensible account of the requirement, the paper provocatively concludes, pushes us toward radical conclusions, such as the possibility that all district-based voting systems including those used in the US House of Representative, Senate, and Electoral College, violate this minimal demand of political equality.

The prize is $5000 and publication of the paper in Oxford Studies in Political Philosophy.

You can learn more about the prize, including its past winners, here.

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Nicky Drake
Nicky Drake
6 months ago

Fantastic, congratulations Daniel!