New Editors for JESP Announced

The current executive editor of the Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy (JESP) is stepping down, and the journal will be getting a new pair of editors and new institutional home.

Mark Schroeder of the University of Southern California (USC) has been editor of JESP since December, 2014. In an editorial in the new issue of the journal, he announced that its leadership will pass to Sarah Paul and Matthew Silverstein, and institutional support for the open access publication will become the responsibility of their institution, New York University Abu Dhabi.

Paul and Silverstein will take charge of the journal effective January 1st, 2024.

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6 months ago

Three cheers!

Moral philosophy is lucky to have a journal like JESP. Glad to see it’s going to remain in good hands.

6 months ago

One of the best run journals in the discipline (and of course full of great papers). Thanks Mark for your work and all the best to new editors. Fully open access journals like JESP (Phil Imprint, Ergo, Philosophy of Physics, etc.) should be celebrated and cherished!