Russell from Dianoia/ACU to ANU

Gillian Russell, currently professor of philosophy at the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy at Australian Catholic University, will become professor of philosophy at Australian National University (ANU).

Professor Russell is well known for her work in philosophy of language and logic, and is the author of Truth in Virtue of Meaning: a Defense of the Analytic/Synthetic Distinction (2008) and Barriers to Entailment: Hume’s Law and other Limits on Logical Consequence (2023). You can learn more about her research here and here.

Russell is the first of the casualties from the dissolution of the Dianoia Institute to secure a new position elsewhere, with ANU reportedly beating out a few other institutions offering her employment. She will take up her position at ANU in July, 2024.

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Bronwyn Parry
Bronwyn Parry
7 months ago

It is my huge privilege as the Dean of CASS at the ANU to welcome Gill to the university and our fantastic (and now even more impressive with her arrival!) philosophy department. We are incredibly lucky to have Gill with us and I’m genuinely excited about all we can generate with her intellectual firepower on board!

Gillian Russell
Reply to  Bronwyn Parry
7 months ago

Thanks, Bron – I can’t wait to join the ANU philosophers!