Philosopher Chosen to Lead Center on “Computation and Just Communities”

Dartmouth University earlier this fall launched its Susan and James Wright Center for the Study of Computation and Just Communities, and named philosophy professor Susan Brison as its inaugural director.

The interdisciplinary center focuses on

understanding the role of computation in informing essential questions about good governance, human rights, and the relationship between governments and the governed. Using tools such as computer simulations, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and complex statistical analysis, initiatives supported by the center will explore a broad range of topics, many of which expose the double-edged sword of computational advances in the public and governmental sphere. The topics will include the dynamics of surveillance and safety, the protection of free speech in a time of widespread of misinformation, and the dangers—as well as the artistic possibilities—of image manipulation and creation.

The center will host workshops and lectures, and fund research.

More information here.

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