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The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…




  1. Methods in Comparative Cognition by Marta Halina.
  2. Agent-Based Modeling in the Philosophy of Science by Dunja Šešelja.


  1. Count Paul Yorck von Wartenburg by Ingo Farin.
  2. Genetics by James Tabery.
  3. School of Salamanca by Thomas Izbicki and Matthias Kaufmann.
  4. Cosmology: Methodological Debates in the 1930s and 1940s by George Gale.
  5. Infinitary Logic by John L. Bell.
  6. Gadamer’s Aesthetics by Nicholas Davey and Cynthia Nielsen.
  7. Citizenship by Dominique Leydet.
  8. Game Theory by Don Ross.
  9. Sophismata by Fabienne Pironet and Joke Spruyt.
  10. The Problem of the Many by Brian Weatherson

IEP     ∅     


  1. A Better Ape: The Evolution of the Moral Mind and How it Made us Human by Victor Kumar and Richmond Campbell is reviewed by Louise Antony.

1000-Word Philosophy    ∅

Open-Access Book Reviews in Academic Philosophy Journals     ∅      

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media  

  1. J.L. Austin: Philosopher and D-Day Intelligence Officer by M.W. Rowe is reviewed by Thomas Nagel at London Review of Books.
  2. Justice by Means of Democracy by Danielle Allen is reviewed by Max Foley-Keene at Commonweal.
  3. The Visionaries: Arendt, Beauvoir, Rand, Weil, and the Power of Philosophy in Dark Times by Wolfram Eilenberger is reviewed by Robert Zaretsky at The American Scholar.
  4. Rawls’ A Theory of Justice at 50 by John Rawls (ed. Paul Weithman) is reviewed by Matt McManus at Jacobin.
  5. The Experience Machine: How our Minds Predict and Shape Reality by Andy Clark is reviewed by Richard Lea at The Times Literary Supplement.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: Thomas Nagel, Superhero (er… Superheroes?)

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