New to Daily Nous: Dustin Sigsbee

You’ll occasionally be seeing a new byline at Daily Nous: Dustin Sigsbee.

Dustin is DN’s first official assistant editor.

Dustin Sigsbee, the new assistant editor at Daily Nous, seated at a table in front of a laptop computer and a potted orchid.

Dustin Sigsbee

I’ve known Dustin, a very talented philosopher in the PhD program here at the University of South Carolina, for several years now, and I’m pleased to have him helping with the site.

I asked him to tell you a little about himself. He writes:

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of South Carolina. My area of expertise is in normative and applied ethics, especially animal ethics. I also have interests in metaethics and epistemology. In my dissertation, “Partiality and Animal Ethics: Special Obligations to Animal Companions”, I argue that animal companion caregivers take on robust commitments of care directed at nurturing and promoting the flourishing of their animal companions in a way similar to the robust commitments of care that parents take on regarding their children. Before coming to South Carolina, I completed a Master of Arts in Philosophy at Western Michigan University. 

I am happily married to my amazing spouse, Emily Mathias. We have one child together and three Shih Tzu mixes, Gus Gus, Winston, and Theo.

You can visit my personal website  for more information on my research and teaching. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to send me an email.

Please join me in welcoming him to Daily Nous.

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Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
11 months ago

Awesome! I’m sure Dustin will do an excellent job!

Dustin Sigsbee
Dustin Sigsbee
Reply to  Joshua Smith
11 months ago

Thanks Josh! I see you are the first thing people see when going to the CMU Philosophy Department website. Looking good!

Fritz Allhoff
11 months ago

Congrats, Dustin! Everyone at WMU is super excited for you.

Dustin Sigsbee
Dustin Sigsbee
Reply to  Fritz Allhoff
11 months ago

Thank you, Fritz!