Project on Epistemic Injustice in Health Care Wins £2.6 Million Grant

An interdisciplinary team led by philosopher Havi Carel (Bristol) has won a £2.6 million grant for its project, “Epistemic Injustice in Health Care” (EPIC).

The “Discovery Grant“, from the charitable science foundation Wellcome, will fund the project for six years, beginning this September.

In addition to Professor Carel, the core team is:

They will be bringing on six* postdoctoral researchers and a range of other researchers and collaborators from Swansea, City and Aston Universities, and the Universities of Bologna and Ferrara.

(l to r) Lisa Bortolotti, Matthew Broome, Havi Carel, Ian James Kidd, Sheelagh McGuinness

According to the team, the project

will offer a systematic investigation of epistemic injustice across a diverse range of case studies—including somatic and psychiatric illnesses, and neurodiverse persons, as well as children and those in later-life care. EPIC aims to identify the interpersonal, institutional, and cultural dimensions of epistemic injustices. The project will include a range of events, postdoctoral positions, and publications and aims to identify practical measures for the benefit of patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Inquiries about the project should be sent to Professor Carel.

(* Note: the original post stated there would be eight postdocs. That was an error.)

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