PEA Soup Returns

The “Philosophy, Ethics, and Academia” blog PEA Soup was taken over last fall by the University of Warwick’s Centre for Ethics, Law, and Public Affairs (CELPA) and has now resumed regular posting.

Beginning today, PEA Soup is serving up a discussion of “Refusing Protection” by David J. Clark (USC), an article which appeared recently in Philosophy & Public Affairs. You can check that out the post by Kimberly Ferzan (Penn) about it here.

Next week, the special will be a discussion of “Moral Worth and Moral Belief” by James Grant (Oxford), which was published this past January in Ethics.

There will also be forthcoming threads on books, other articles, public philosophy, and cross-cultural philosophy. You can subscribe to the site by email to be kept up to date on new posts (scroll to the bottom of the home page to see where to enter your email address for that).

Victor Tadros (Warwick), one of the editors of PEA Soup, writes, “We encourage everyone to participate, especially including grad students and early career scholars—PEA Soup is a great way of getting involved in terrific philosophical discussion with a wide community of excellent people.”

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1 year ago

Awesome. Celpa and peas soup are both awesome.