€1.5 Million Grant for Philosophical Project on Work for Democratic Societies

Lisa Herzog, Professor of Political Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Centre for Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Groningen, has been awarded a €1.5 million grant for a project that seeks to develop a democratic philosophy of work.

The grant is from the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

The project is entitled, “Working Democracy. A Philosophy of Work for Democratic Societies”. On the NWO website, the project is described as follows:

How should democracies understand and organize work? This project draws on empirical and philosophical analyses of non-standard forms of work—digital, precarious, and migrant work—to analyze current developments and their implications for democracy. It also addresses the unresolved question about the relation between paid and unpaid work and draws on the history of ideas, to develop a democratic philosophy of work, in dialogue with societal actors, that can inform labor market regulation from a democratic perspective.

The grant will run for five years and will be used to fund several PhD and postdoctoral positions, among other things.

You can read an interview with Professor Herzog here.

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