Ad Hoc

Ad Hoc
by Rachel Katler

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Mich Ciurria
1 month ago

Wow, those jokes are surprisingly good and sensical.
I asked ChatGPT to generate jokes about philosophy for my TikTok and it did not go as well:

Pete Mandik
Reply to  Mich Ciurria
1 month ago

I nonetheless laughed out loud at all of them.Report

1 month ago

If you folks see the Kant one as sensical and funny, I must be missing something. Help?Report

Daniel Weltman
Reply to  Embarrassed
27 days ago

I too have been thrown into confusion and self-doubt by the evidence that others find these jokes amusing. It’s possible my antipathy towards ChatGPT is biasing me, but try as I might I can’t find any of these to be even remotely funny. Two of them barely even qualify as jokes, and the Lewis one would only be funny if Lewis were notoriously terrible at telling jokes and yet he persisted in doing so. I never met him, but I don’t think he has that reputation at all. Have I become a humorless stick in the mud without noticing?Report