Hübner Wins the Journal of the History of Philosophy’s Best Article Prize

The Journal of the History of Philosophy has awarded its 2022 best article prize to Karolina Hübner (Cornell).

Professor Hübner won the prize, which recognizes the best article published in the journal in 2022, for her, “Representation and Mind-Body Identity in Spinoza’s Philosophy“. Here’s the abstract of the article:

The paper offers a new reading of Spinoza’s claim that minds and bodies are “one and the same thing,” commonly understood as a claim about the identity of a referent under two different descriptions. This paper proposes instead that Spinoza’s texts and his larger epistemological commitments show that he takes mind-body identity to be (1) an identity grounded in an intentional relation, and (2) an identity of one thing existing in two different ways.

The prize comes with an award of $1500.

A list of previous winners of the award can be found here.

(via Deborah Boyle)

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Ovadya di Israel
Ovadya di Israel
1 year ago

Mazal tob! Excellent indeed.

Rosanna Festa
1 year ago

Classic theme for philosophy.

Aaron V Garrett
Aaron V Garrett
1 year ago

Great paper.

1 year ago

She is an absolute legend. Brilliant human and an excellent paper.