New £20,000 Transdisciplinary Philosophy Book Prize

The Royal Institute of Philosophy (RIP) has announced the creation of a new book prize to recognize “the most original philosophical research that transcends academic disciplines”. The prize comes with a monetary award of £20,000 (≈ $24,600).

The Nayef Al-Rodhan International Prize in Transdisciplinary Philosophy will aim to reward the authors of books that, according to a press release from the RIP,

  • demonstrate rigorous original and high-quality transdisciplinary research
  • are accessible and engaging to read
  • are original, innovative, and impactful
  • intend to advance and contribute to the understanding of human behaviors.

They add:

We welcome philosophical work that transcends academic boundaries, and furthers our understanding of the key challenges facing the world today, and that may face us in the future. The work may be from philosophers, neuroscientists, social scientists, or from other disciplines. Among other work we welcome submissions from those researching disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, from those concerned with climate change, and from those concerned with the future of democracy.

To be considered for the 2023 edition of the prize, a book must have been published no earlier than 2020 and must be available in English.

The prize is named for Nayef Al-Rodhan, who began his career as a neuroscientist, but has gone on in 25 books and over 300 articles to focus on the “transdisciplinarity, neuro-techno-philosophy, and the future of philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the interplay between philosophy, neuroscience, strategic culture, applied history, geopolitics, disruptive technologies, and international relations, and global security.” You can learn more about his writings here.

You can learn more about the prize and how to apply for it here.

(via Kate Walters)


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