Sober Wins Inaugural “Philosophy In Biology and Medicine” Award

Elliott Sober, professor of philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, is the winner of the first Philosophy in Biology and Medicine (PhilInBioMed) Award.

The award, which will be given annually, recognizes “outstanding contributions to the advancement of biology or medicine through the use of philosophical and theoretical tools”. It is awarded by PhilInBioMed (previously), an interdisciplinary institute located at the University of Bordeaux, France, and its associated national and international network of interdisciplinary teams.

The winner receives €5,000 and delivers a lecture at a ceremony at the University of Bordeaux.

For further details visit the PhilInBioMed site.

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James Cummings
1 year ago

As a philosopher, I’m sorry to see Dr. Sober retire, but pleased at his recognition and subsequent freedom. Honors from the French Republic are worth far more than 5000 markers, or a million markers for that matter.

V. Alan White
1 year ago

Many years ago professors Comesana and Sartorio invited me, really a nobody in the profession, to talk in their annual lecture series at Madison. What stuck with me however is that besides my inviters no other faulty attended–except for Elliot. That meant to me as much as my appreciation to Juan and Carolina for the invite, and says a ton about his character.