Online Philosophy Resources Weekly Update

The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books, including a recently introduced section featuring open-access reviews from academic philosophy journals…


  1. Alexander von Humboldt by Dalia Nassar.
  2. Aesthetic Experience by Antonia Peacocke.
  3. Stoicism by Marion Durand, Simon Shogry, and Dirk Baltzly.


  1. Revolution by Allen Buchanan and Alexander Motchoulski.
  2. Determinables and Determinates by Jessica Wilson.
  3. Colonialism by Margaret Kohn and Kavita Reddy.
  4. Donald Cary Williams by Keith Campbell, James Franklin, and Douglas Ehring.


  1. Substance by Ralph Weir.    
  2. Pseudoscience and the Determination Problem by Massimo Pigliucci.


  1. Analytical Essay on the Faculties of the Soul by Charles Bonnet is reviewed by John H. Zammito.
  2. Heidegger and the Problem of Phenomena by Fredrik Westerlund is reviewed by Jussi Backman.
  3. Epistemic Explanations: A Theory or Telic Normativity, and What it Explains by Ernest Sosa is reviewed by John Greco.
  4. Socrates on Self-Improvement: Knowledge, Virtue, and Happiness by Nicholas D. Smith is reviewed by Nicholas R. Baima.
  5. Hobbes and Political Contractarianism: Selected Writings by Susan Dimock, Claire Finkelstein, and Christopher W. Morris (eds.) is reviewed by Andrew I. Cohen.
  6. Thomas Aquinas on Virtue by Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. is reviewed by Rebecca K. DeYoung.
  7. Rational Deliberations: Selected Writings by David Gauthier is reviewed by Paul Hurley.
  8. An Introduction to Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion by Jon Stewart is reviewed by Reed Winegar.

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Project Vox     ∅

Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media

  1. The Last Writings of Thomas S. Kuhn: Incommensurability in Science by Bojana Mladenović is reviewed by Paul Dicken at Los Angeles Review of Books.
  2. In Praise of Failure by Costica Bradatan is reviewed at The Economist.

Open-Access Book Reviews in Academic Philosophy Journals

  1. The Right to Higher Education: A Political Theory by Christopher Martin is reviewed by Jennifer Morton in Ethics.
  2. Being You: A New Science of Consciousness by Anil Seth is reviewed by Mark Sprevak in Philosophical Psychology.

Compiled by Michael Glawson

BONUS: Or have philosophers read this comic, and then you can be pretty confident that they’re thinking (highlight afterwards): “That is not the central question of epistemology.”

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Patrick S. O'Donnell
1 year ago

Re: the new SEP entry on aesthetic experience
I cannot understand, at this point in time, how SEP editors can justify an entry, however helpful in its own terms, that does not discuss non-Western philosophical treatments of aesthetic experience, of which there are more than a few accounts. Once again, this post should announce this conspicuous limitation in its title, hence Aesthetic Experience: Western Traditions and Perspectives.