Fraser from Oxford to ACU/Dianoia

Rachel Fraser, currently associate professor of philosophy at Oxford University, has accepted an offer from the Dianoia Institute of Philosophy at Australian Catholic University.

Dr. Fraser works in epistemology, feminist philosophy, and philosophy of language. You can learn more about her research here.

At the Dianoia Institute, she will be associate professor of philosophy.

Additionally, the Dianoia Institute has hired Tushar Menon, currently a postdoctoral fellow at Cambridge, as a research fellow (equivalent to an assistant professor position). Dr. Menon works in philosophy of science and physics.

Professors Fraser and Menon will take up their new positions in mid-2023.

(via Stephen Finlay)


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Oxford Grad Student
1 year ago

Good luck to both Rachel and Tushar!

Two of the nicest people in Oxford.

Former Oxford Grad Student
Former Oxford Grad Student
Reply to  Oxford Grad Student
1 year ago

Seconded! All best wishes and congratulations to both