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The weekly report on new and revised entries at online philosophy resources and new reviews of philosophy books…



  1. Skeptical Theism by Timothy Perrine.
  2. Antonio Gramsci by James Martin.
  3. Action by Juan S. Piñeros Glasscock and Sergio Tenenbaum.
  4. Philosophy of Statistical Mechanics by Roman Frigg and Charlotte Werndl.


  1. Rule Consequentialism by Brad Hooker.
  2. Behaviorism by George Graham.
  3. Frederick Douglass by Ronald Sundstrom.
  4. Pierre Bayle by Michael Hickson.
  5. Intersections Between Analytic and Continental Feminism by Georgia Warnke.
  6. Simone de Beauvoir by Debra Bergoffen and Megan Burke.
  7. Donald Cary Williams by Keith Campbell, James Franklin, and Douglas Ehring.
  8. Egoism by Robert Shaver.
  9. Globalization by William Scheuerman.
  10. Leucippus by Sylvia Berryman.
  11. Democritus by Sylvia Berryman.


  1. Arthur Schopenhauer: Logic and Dialectic by Jens Lemanski.

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Recent Philosophy Book Reviews in Non-Academic Media    ∅

Open-Access Philosophy Book Reviews in Academic Journals

  1. In Defence of the Human Being: Foundational Questions of an Embodied Anthropology by Thomas Fuchs is reviewed by Francesca Brencio in Philosophical Psychology

Compiled by Michael Glawson

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